We are going to explore psychotropic herbalism, that is organic biological organisms used as medicine that have an affinity for the mind. In particular herbs that have an affinity for the parts of the mind that govern our interpretation of information from the external world, and in response adapt our inner world. Medicines that regulate the ego, open our sensory gating channels, widen and refine our perception of the mind and the Mind at large. Entheogens are essentially a class of herbs which generate a direct experience of connectivity to the vital force of life. They work upon the body in a targeted way, and like any herbal action they have specific indications. We’re going to explore where these herbs fit into the apothecary, and how to prescribe an entheogen from a traditional herbal perspective.


Rachel Gagen is a Western herbal medicine practitioner, space facilitator, harm reduction worker and musician. She has a background in growing, preparing and offering traditional, herbal and shamanic medicines, facilitating health and detox retreats, utilising sound for integration, and working in harm reduction and substance education.

Rachel is passionate about the therapeutic use of entheogens and psychoactive compounds. She is the co-founder and facilitator at Mulai Lagi Iboga, EntheoBotanica and FreeEarth Foundation.

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