During a photography gig during the late ’80s, Adem was first introduced to analogue and digital video art during Future Films production of the ground-breaking music video clips for MaxQ and soon after for Third Eye.

That inspirational creative cultural impetus saw Adem pursue experimental digital art with a fervour, initially via the legendary Amiga-500 computer and analogue video-feedback.

Expanding his visual repertoire to incorporate lighting and laser over the proceeding years; he has fused these mediums into dynamic illuminated projection designs for the Psy-Harmonics, Every Picture Tells a Story and Earthdance parties; and the Big Day Out, Earthcore and Rainbow Serpent bush doof festivals; internationally for Infinite Frequency (LA) and Tsunami (NYC) parties; including a residency as Laser operator at the well established Machine (label) local monthly techno night.

With a propensity toward [the] cutting edge, Adem’s works embody and explore exo/esoteric concepts within the psychedelic, spiritual, scientific and political-cultural paradigms that the highly influential Cyber and Rave culture had embraced.

In collaboration with Cyber Dada, Adem was a seminal figure in the creation of the Cyberdelia doco and the underground Cyberthon live electronic video-art broadcast events, which were held at the RMITV studios and at TVU’s pop-up warehouse TV broadcast space during the early to mid-’90s. Cyberthon's 53hrs of mastered recordings have since been digitised into the ACMI archives.

From the mid nineties Adem also ventured into commercial art as a 3D animator, then specialised as a Compositor for TV series, TV adverts, music videos, documentaries, feature film, as well as periodic web-based media and gaming for Unreal Pictures, Liquid VFX and other studios.

In the last couple decades, Adem has continued pushing his craft. VJi’ng for live acts such as Taipan Tiger Girls, Monolake, Carl Cox and Digital Primate. Also creating the Jefferey Smart music video for My Friend the Chocolate Cake. And a major collaboration with Projection Teknik, as the principle animation designer for the 360-degree IDEATION presentation, which was projection mapped over the Victorian State Library’s La Trobe domed reading room interior walls during the White Night festival.

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