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Image by Dr Liam Engel

Click here to download the "Coke bottle tek: A terrarium technique"

We hope you’re prepared to spring and seed!

Our new guide documents a simple, innovative and recyclable technique that anyone can use to easily grow plants from seed.

Coke bottle tek is a modification of the famous 'take-away tek', which uses plastic bottles for raising cacti and succulents from seed. Coke bottle tek is a set-and-forget technique, allowing plants to become more established with less human intervention, better preparing them for outdoor, in-ground environment and reducing the need for up-potting. Coke bottle tek also represents a more recyclable and environmentally friendly alternative to take-away tek.

This technique being used to successfully cultivate Trichocereus spp., Lophophora spp., Hylocereus spp., Gymnocalycium spp., Astrophytum spp., Ariocarpus spp., Ferocactus spp., and of course many different trees and herbs.

Halcyon and Dr Liam Engel are passionate ethnobotanists and longstanding members of The Corroboree forum.

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