Victoria isn't often thought of as a place for exotic mushrooms but the State has diverse habitats and with that comes some of the most beautiful and significant mushrooms there are in Australia. In this talk, Beau will showcase over a decades worth of exquisite specimens captured through the lens. Beau will give insights into the habitats they're found in and highlight how these habitats are so important to the species of unique fungi we are lucky to have here in Australia.

The talk will also feature images of the Victorian active psilocybin mushroom as well as lookalike species that can be found in the same habitats.


Beau Meister (karode13) is a Horticulturist and Mycologist.

After studying Horticulture in New Zealand, Beau took an interest in the unusual fungi that grew in the forests there. So little was known about them and this sparked an interest in fungal taxonomy that has lasted for over 20 years. When not out in the field he can be found in his garden tending to a range of Ethnobotanical plants and flowers.

Beau has been a moderator of the Mushroom Hunting and Identification and the Ethnobotanical Garden forums on for over a decade. As well as an admin for the Victorian Fungi group, PMANZ and Victorian Mycophagy group on Facebook.

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